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PLEASE USE YOUR COMMON SENSE. Please ensure your email and reply address is correct. It's frustrating answering your questions on three pages just to realize that the reply address is invalid. Please include all information you think is important. This may include your operating system, your browser type and version.
Help on search: Just type in any keyword(s) or search phrase and hit RETURN or press the search button.
Some stopwords (e.g. the, in, of...) may be excluded from the search due to the high frequency (and low content of information).
Help on url submission: Please provide a valid url including the leading http:// as well as a valid email address.
In trouble please contact [email protected]
Gereral questions: For general questions about Infotiger's services please email [email protected]
Link the Infotiger! Here you find cut-and-paste examples, how to set up an Infotiger search form on your homepage.
Suggestions: If you would like to make any suggestions concerning the Infotiger services feel free to contact [email protected]
Contact: To contact the Infotiger technical staff please email [email protected]
Advertising info: For information about advertising on Infotiger please email [email protected] for details.
Problems: If you encounter any difficulties when using an Infotiger service, please contact [email protected]
Please include the url of the page where you ran into trouble as well as your operating system and browser type and version.  |  |  |  |  |  |  
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